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AC 0058
Polyurethane construction adhesive

DURA PRO AC 0058 is a one-component, moisture-curing polyurethane adhesive characterized by a high strength and flexibility. AC 0058 possesses easy application and cured performance properties for interior and exterior application. AC 0058 can bond to wet, frozen or treated lumber and is designed for installing sub-floor assemblies (plywood, OSB) to floor joists – site erected structures and factory constructed housing such as modular and mobile houses – and for applying stair treads, slate floors, wood floor, furring strips, patio decks, and suitable for most vertical applications. When used in conjunction with mechanical fasteners, it prevents squeaks and eliminates nail pops. AC 0058 can be used for adhesion of light metallic pieces on porous surfaces.


Sticks on dry or damp surfaces


- AFG-01

- ASTM-D3498

- CAN/CGSB 71.26-M88


Installing a subfloorInstalling drywallInstalling door frameInstalling baseboards, trims and mouldingsInstalling chair rail moldingInstalling room transition thresholdsFixing squeaking floorInstalling ceramic tilesInstalling vanitiesRepairing subfloorRepairing wood floorInstalling garden wallsInstalling retaining wallsInstalling marbleInstalling cement boardCapping an interlock stoneInstall stair treadsInstalling a floor medaillonDoubling a subfloor (plywood on plywood)Doubling a subfloor (plywood over waterproofed particle board)Glueing an acoustical membraneInstall thin brick veneerInstall decorative thin stone Bonding concrete blocks (with no mortar)

300 ml cartridge
825 ml cartridge