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AC 0616
Concrete weld

DURA PRO AC 0616 is synthetic resin for interior or exterior use, designed to increase the bonding properties of concrete. It promotes intercoat adhesion between old and new concrete. Used as an additive to portland cement mixe, AC 0616 improves adhesion and reduce cracking in toppings, brick walls, patching or resurfacing concrete walls, floors or ramps. May also be used for stucco and plaster applications.


Improves adhesion
Reduces cracking


EcoLogo certified

Contribute to obtaining LEED credits


Repairing concreteDo a cement pargeTo bond new concrete-mixture to old concreteAdditive to cement base mixtureTo apply as primer to cement base mixture

1 L bottle
4 L jug
18.9 L pail
205 L drum
1000 L tote