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AW 2300
Woodworker's glue

DURA PRO AW 2300 is an aliphatic resin adhesive with superior characteristics designed for high quality woodworking. AW 2300 has an excellent wet tack for faster gripping action and less slippage during clamping. It allows alignment of pieces and forms strong and durable bonds on hardwoods and softwoods, plywood, hardboard and other porous materials (not recommended for exotic wood). When dry, AW 2300 is resistant to lacquers, paints, varnishes, it also resists softening heat generated by sanding and cutting. FEATURES: High initial tack Excellent sandability Strength 4,000 LBS Non-staining No toxic vapor Not classified dangerous STANDARDS: Certified EcoLogo Contributes to obtaining LEED credits USES:

Repairing wood furnitureMaking wood furnitureInstall stair treadsGeneral wood glueingCarpentry workCabinet making

135 ml bottle
518 ml bottle
1 L bottle
4 L jug
18.9 L pail
205 L drum
1000 L tote