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DURA PRO® the brand name of DURAL and IFS, manufacturers of adhesives

DURA PRO ® adhesive is one of the most recognized brands of adhesives in woodworking, packaging, bookbinding, graphic arts and construction. Dural is very happy to introduce the new DURA PRO ® signature for its line of glues and adhesives found at major hardware stores, home centers, lumber yards, building materials wholesalers and contractors supply houses. Since 1952, Dural has evolved from a local adhesive manufacturer to a global vertically integrated manufacturer of adhesives, coatings and polymers as part of the CFS Group, Inc. with 15 plants and warehouses around the world. For more information on Dural and its affiliates, visit our corporate website at www.dural.ca.

Now, with www.duraproadhesives.com on line, DURA PRO ® is the most comprehensive web site for glues and adhesives for building materials. It offers guidance to do-it-yourselfers and professionals in building, renovation and decoration. DURA PRO®’s products are online in the form of catalogs sections. Technical bulletins and Material Safety Data Sheets are also download .PDF files.