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DURA PRO® is focused on sustainability. Now and for the future.

We take our corporate responsibility seriously and are constantly working to enhance the sustainability of our products. As such, we strive to develop, manufacture and commercialize glues products that are VOC compliant for low emissions adhesives and sealants standards in place at the date of production and that can contribute toward achieving L.E.E.D.® credits.

The following list of DURA PRO ® adhesives may contribute to the qualification of a construction project for L.E.E.D. ® certification under the Indoor Environmental Quality EQ Credit 4.1 – Low Emitting Materials: Adhesives and Sealants, as specified in the L.E.E.D. ® Green Building Rating Systems for New Construction and Major Renovations:

AW 2300 Woodworker's glueAF 2607 Floating floor adhesiveAW 4400 Wood glueAW 2539 Exterior wood glueAW 0024 Liquid polyurethane glueAW 2461 White glueAW 2094 Carpenter's glueAF 0032 Natural wood parquet adhesiveAF 0034 Pre-finished wood parquet adhesiveAF 8839 Engineered wood and parquet adhesiveAF 2130 Urethane wood flooring adhesiveAF 0036 Soft floor covering adhesiveAF 0044 Ceramic Tile AdhesiveAC 0616 Concrete weldAC 2389 Latex contact cementAC 0055 Construction and panel adhesiveAC 0054 Foamboard adhesiveAF 0038 Outdoor carpet adhesive
In addition, DURA PRO ® adhesives used in a project site within 800 kilometers from the manufacture plant of Dural may also contribute for additional L.E.E.D.® credits as per the standards manuals in the sections titled Materials & Resources MR Credits 5.1 and 5.2 – Regional Materials. For such, please contact us to conform the point of manufacture of the product used.