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AW Series – Woodworking glues

Whatever the type of woodworking you have in mind, there is a DURA PRO® adhesive to suit your needs. DURA PRO® AW SERIE for the woodworking includes adhesives for carpentry, cabinetry, furniture making, doors and windows, and hobby projects. For assembly, lamination, finger jointing of all types of wood, there is a DURA PRO® glue for you. Please refer to our list in this section to select the appropriate adhesive.
Wood glue
DURA PRO AW 4400 is a high quality assembly glue. AW 4400 is fast drying and excels on all hard wood such as: oak, maple and birch. It is also recommended for bonding many other products including: paper,...

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Woodworker's glue
DURA PRO AW 2300 is an aliphatic resin adhesive with superior characteristics designed for high quality woodworking. AW 2300 has an excellent wet tack for faster gripping action and less slippage during...

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Exterior wood glue
DURA PRO AW 2539 is a precatalized crosslinkable polyvinyl acetate based adhesive that provides good water resistance and excellent bond strength for end products that are intended to be exposed to the...

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Liquid polyurethane glue
AW-0024 is an industrial-strength all-purpose polyurethane adhesive. AW-0024 bonds wood, stone, foam, metal, ceramic, glass, and numbers of non-porous substrates.   FEATURES: Versatile  Fast...

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Craft glue
DURA PRO AW 2992 is a polyvinyl acetate adhesive developed for crafts projects made from paper, cardboard, fabric, leather, wood, felt and most other porous materials. FEATURES: Ideal for home, school...

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White glue
DURA PRO AW 2461 is a synthetic resin based adhesive designed for general wood assembly, wood lamination and edge glueing. FEATURES: Strength 3,000 LBS STANDARDS: EcoLogo certified Contribute to obtaining...

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Carpenter's glue
DURA PRO AW 2094 is a synthetic resin adhesive designed for indoor quality carpentry work. It has a good initial tack, is quick setting and possesses a high shear strength. Forms strong and durable bonds...

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Marine glue (plastic resin)

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colle de menuisier RONA ECO
An aliphatic resin adhesive with superior characteristics for high quality indoor woodworking.   - Eco-friendly adhesive certified UL/environment (EcoLogo) - Formulated with no formaldehyde added -...

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